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All Natural Lawns
Organic lawn care.

Authentic Alternatives
Partnering with socially responsible business owners

Baby Wit
Cool Baby Clothing

Soft, Protective, Natural Bamboo Clothing

Best Filters
Top-rated air filters and water purifiers

California Organic Flowers
Beauty, Delivered Daily

Clean Air Pure Water
Ecologist Jim McMahon- healthy water for your family.

Consilience Productions
Progressive Music for the Socially Conscious.

Come from the Heart
Discounted Long Distance to Benefit Non-profit groups.

Conscious Cup
Gourmet, organic and fair trade coffees.

Recycled Leather Tiles for the Home.

EcoLogic Solutions
Clean without Compromise.

Education Revolution
Alternative education resources.

Etica Fair Trade
Fair trade wine and other products.

The Exotic Paper Co. Ltd.
Ellie Poo Paper - 100% recycled with elephant dung!

A Lifestyle Company.

Garden of Eve
Natural and Organic skin care.

Gifts that Matter
Organic and wild harvested gourmet products.

Grass Roots Coop

Green Field Paper Company
The finest in tree-free and handmade paper.

Green Key Real Estate
Sustainable business brokerage & green real estate.

Green Logic
Earth Friendly Goods.

Green Tea Lovers
Healthy Teas that Taste Great.

Grinning Planet
Environmental/Health Articles.

Harmonious Environment
Creating Green and Balanced Spaces.

Hot Pepepr Wax
Natural insect & animal repellant.

Ibike Tours
Small groups exploring cultures worldwide.

It's Our Nature
Healthy Wear for People who Care.

Krull and Company
Socially Responsible Investing.

Lifestyles of health and sustainability journal.

Cloth Diapers


Magic Cabin
Handmade, All Natural Dolls, Toys & Crafts.

Mellow Monk
Japanese Green Tea.

Mind Over Markets
Marketing / Business Development for Socially Responsible Businesses.

Moonbranch Botanicals
Bringing style with responsibility to the marketplace.

New Society Publishers
Books to walk the talk.

Fair Trade, What the World Creates by Hand.

Our Green Home
Simple ways to green your home and protect your environment.

Organic Excellence
Chemical Free Products.

Paloma Pottery
Recycled glass infused pottery.

Plans and Solutions
Marketing and trade consultants for the agri-food trade.

Plexus Pacific Industries
Recycle, Sustain, Live...

Positive Energy
Conservation Products

Progressive Gardens
Hydroponics & Organics

Really Natural
Dedicated to finding products and ideas that make our lives healthier, greener and more sustainable.

Ruth's Hemp Foods
GMO-free, no hydrogenated fats, no transfatty acids, no refined sugars, no artificial preservatives, no sulfites, no fillers.

Sama Wellness
Organic cotton clothes, Natural Living products.

Handcrafted custom jewelry - sustainably mined gold.

Sustainable Hosting
Professional quality website hosting powered by 100% renewable energy.

Water Purification Systems.

High quality, handcrafted products from nonprofits, cooperatives and NGO's that are approved by the Fair Trade Federation.

From Artisans of India.

Tree of Life
Tree of life rejuvenation center.

Trillium Organics
Organic Skincare, Certified Clean and Bona Fide Green!

TS Designs
Quality sustainable printed apparel.

Twisted Limb Paper
Handmade 100% recycled paper invitations.

Zero Footprint
Connecting people who care about the environment.