Bag-E-Wash is the original dishwasher accessory that allows you to wash, dry and reuse your plastic food storage bags. While other products have come and gone, Bag-E-Wash has been helping you save the planet one bag at time since 2002.

Bag-E-Wash is a business born of a passion. As a young mom when I packed the kids’ lunches, I enforced a “bring home the baggies” rule. I would scrub them and air-dry them in my cramped kitchen. Since necessity is the mother of invention, it is not surprising that in 2002 I was granted a patent for the first dishwasher accessory that allows people to wash and dry baggies in the dishwasher! Bag-E-Wash was born and it’s still going strong!

Boston Globe, Natural Home, Minneapolis StarTribune, Organic Style and many other media sources featured Bag-E-Wash for its ingenuity and practicality. Bag-E-Wash is adjustable to accommodate sandwich size to gallon sized bags.

I know that small actions add up. My home-based business doesn’t solve all the big environmental problems but it offers a solution to a real problem. One box of 30 bags washed and reused 10 times each keeps 300 bags out of the oceans and landfills, not to mention saving money.  I love when customers tell me, “you invented my dream product!”