Back in 1995, I was a busy mom with three small children and (of course) daily food storage needs. I was doing what I could to save money and help the planet by washing and reusing food storage bags—a task that’s neither quick nor easy.

The dishwasher was useless. Bags came out soggy with rinse water or with food particles stuck in the corners. Or worse, they’d fall down into the heating coil and melt (and stink!).

Washing by hand was not only time-consuming, it took up space as well. After scrubbing out the tiny corners of each bag, I’d hang them all over my kitchen to dry—on wooden spoons, on the kitchen window plants, even over the bottle of dish soap.

What was an earth-conscious mama to do? I didn’t want to add more plastic to the landfill. Working with my then-husband I invented Bag-E-Wash™. It is the original baggie washer!

Although that was a long time ago, I still use my Bag-E-Wash with every dishwasher cycle—no more tedious hand-washing or wet, limp plastic bags decorating my kitchen!

Jeannie L. Piekos