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March 1, 2004

Jeannie Piekos, President
(612) 532-1407


Local woman solves the baggie dilemma!

"One box of 30 gallon size bags washed and dried with Bag-E-Wash™ and reused 50 times each saves $150.00 and keeps 1,500 bags out of the landfills!"

Nine years ago, South Minneapolis housewife and mother, Jeannie Piekos, threw up her hands and hung her last zip-loc style storage bag out to dry. She turned to her husband to help her find an easier way to wash and dry the zip-loc style storage bags she loved to use for food storage but hated to throw away. Today, she and her husband are selling their invention, Bag-E-Wash™, in environment-friendly grocery stores, catalogs and websites across the country.

Bag-E-WashTM makes washing and drying food storage bags in any dishwasher safe and effective. The Bag-E-Wash™ patented design snaps together and clips easily onto the dishwasher rack. Pint to gallon-sized bags are held secure and open—ready for re-use at the end of cycle. Bag-E-Wash™ can be removed or stay in the dishwasher between loads.

Bag-E-Wash™ reduces grocery bills and provides landfill relief:

• America produces 10 pounds of plastic bags per year for every person on earth!
Bag-E-Wash can make a huge dent in the number of bags that end up in the landfills. One box (30) of gallon size bags washed and dried with Bag-E- Wash™ and reused 50 times each keeps 1,500 bags out of the landfill and saves $150.00!
• Americans discard more than 3.3 million tons of low and high-density polyethylene bags a year (Environment Protection Agency, 2002). Of those 3.3 million tons only 5.4% were recovered and recycled.
• Plastic food storage bags are consistently in the “Dirty Dozen” the top 12 items found in coastal cleanups. Marine mammals, seabirds and sea turtles can become entangled in bags or mistake them for food which then causes an obstruction and they starve to death.

Bag-E-WashTM is available at various grocery and natural home stores and at other environment-friendly and health-oriented retailers for $9.99. It can also be purchased on-line at, and .

Media Note: For more information about Bag-E-WashTM, please contact President Jeanie Piekos, (612) 532-1407 or visit