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Bag-E-Wash is great!
What better then a handy device that say's, "Earth, we'll do all we can to save you from ourselves."
— Lee Orcutt Afton, MN

Dear Bag-E-Wash

I am pleased to say that I am delighted with my Bag-E-Wash. I received mine as a holiday gift and was not sure that I would find it useful. To my surprise, it is simple to assemble and even easier to use! I take my lunch about 60% of the time.There are some foods that are more practical to pack in a baggie (grapes and strawberries for example); however, it always seemed so wasteful to toss away those baggies. I started using my Bag-E-Wash in the dishwasher and found wonderfully clean baggies each time. While my recyling of baggies is a not a huge contribution to the environment, I think every little bit helps. Thank you for creating a useful, practical, thrifty and environmentally sound product. Next year, I will be the one giving Bag-E-Wash gifts!

Nancy Brandt
Albuquerque, NM


Bag-E-Wash is so easy to use that even a non-recycling, tree chopping down, let's drill in Alaska, no such thing as global warming guy like me uses it. Just put it in your dishwasher and if you need to clean a baggie, it just takes seconds to put it on. If you are not washing a bag, Bag-E-Wash does not get in the way; just put your dishes around it, inside it, whatever. My bags come out clean every time. I even had a super duper greasy one that came out crisp and clean. I bought some extras for family and friends and they like them, too. Unlike the Minnesota Vikings, Bag-E-Wash will never let you down.

Steve Hagstrom
Anoka, MN

Bag-E-Wash, what a great invention! It's small, it's efficient, it's adjustable, it requires minimal upkeep while giving maximum effectiveness.  It doesn't complain and is ready to work at a moment's notice (a mother's dream).  I bought one box of Hefty One Zip quart bags (18 count) in November and I'm still using these bags (three months later), washing them over and over with the Bag-E-Wash in my dishwasher.  When I returned from a trip a week ago, leaving my husband and two teenage boys home alone for 6 days, I found to my delight that the dishes were washed.  I then saw the Bag-E-Wash on the kitchen table.  I was curious and then realized that there were no bags to be washed while I was gone and in order to gain a bit more room in the dishwasher they had removed it.  It reinstalled effortlessly and is back at work.   My next job is a short demonstration to the men folk in the house in how to use the Bag-E-Wash. At least the dishes got washed!

Bev Sonen
West Simsbury, CT

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